The Emmys were going so well until that awkwardly sexist Sofia Vergara moment

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i cannot stand that hollywood treats her like a racist, sexist joke. and im including ellen when i say hollywood.

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I wounder if he shot at his friend too, cause his friend said he dove behind a car. also bullets went wild into nearby homes. Wilson is worthless garbage.

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Laverne Cox stanning for Beyoncé at the VMAs

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Young couple playing records spread out on living room floor.

Ohio, 1955.

is that blaine anderson

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Laverne Cox dancing during Beyonce’s VMA performance is everything!

this makes me soooooo happy.

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Look Darren took his dog on a walk how cute


And I and anyone that identifies themselves as a Darren Criss fan should not tolerate this kind of talk or behavior. Consider this me not tolerating your hateful attacks on a woman you do not know. The man you claim to be a fan of ardently espouses this little moral nugget: no one likes an asshole. 

I don’t care if you’re not a fan of Mia’s music or if you don’t like the FACT that Mia and Darren are together BUT DO NOT VICIOUSLY AND CARELESSLY DEGRADE HER! She is a human being who bleeds red just like the rest of us. 

Words, just like actions, have consequences. Words can harm, trigger, wound, and maim. Words — ideas — can alter the course of a single moment. Be careful with your words. Take care in how you employ them. Be mindful of how you speak of people. How you treat and speak of the people you don’t like speaks more volumes of your character than how you treat and speak of the people you do like.

This has nothing to do with CrissColfer, Miarren or Chill. This is about human decency. In a world obsessed with instant gratification, the narrowing scope of a global community and the immediate access we all have with just a few keystrokes, it is so easy to hide behind computer screens and social media handles and personas to proffer opinions, thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. Use that power for good, not evil; for love, not hate. 

If you want to ship CrissColfer, ship CrissColfer. If you want to ship Chill and Miarren, ship Chill and Miarren. I don’t care either way. But do so with respect. Do so with integrity. Do so with tact. Those two people in this photograph are exactly that — two people, two individuals, two autonomous agents with their own personalities, thoughts, belief systems, and feelings. They deserve to be treated like all human beings deserve to be treated — with care, concern, and respect. 

Remember that what we say on the Internet stays on the Internet. It is never gone, never deleted. Take heed of that. Also, remember those two people in the photograph know how to use the same social media avenues we do. 

Just — be nice.

Things some people in the Glee fandom do not seem to get: fandom and shipping does not excuse your gross and blatant misogyny. 

And yes, calling a woman a dog that belongs to her boyfriend is misogynistic.

It’s funny how you guys put so much time and effort into typing an essay on a post on something nobody gives a fuck about besides you.

It’s funny how you take the time and effort to reply to a post that attempts to work against the socially constructed system you so spectacularly and gracelessly stumbled into with your hurtful, tactless drivel. It’s funny how you can’t even see the damage you’re doing, not to Mia, not to Darren, but to women-at-large and even yourself.

If you’re unclear or unsure what socially constructed system with which I’m addressing, it is misogyny. It is the calculated, practiced, and performed behaviors of degrading women. It is ingrained prejudice and men are not the only culprits of such rampant discrimination. Sure, the majority of practitioners are men but women also practice this — women attack other women, for any number of reasons, including jealousy, ignorance, competition or just outright meanness. Women attack other women because we are programmed to keep each other in check and such a comment demonstrates that you feel that Mia has overstepped her boundaries, has somehow violated some invisibly drawn line and therefore she must be “put in her place.”

Thank you ever so kindly for playing into patriarchy and highlighting to us all that marginalization is alive and well, thriving brilliantly in the forms of ignorance. This comment is both a moral crime and a tool of social control, signifying that you inexplicably believe that by being in public with Darren she has committed some sort of trespass against you and therefore must be reminded, with degradation and discrimination, that she has no right to move through any space — public or private — with a man you do not know and who most certainly does not know you.

Furthermore, Mia becomes a sign of a much larger issue and that’s your glaring lack of care and knowledge about this. I don’t care if you don’t care — I’ll happily continue to reply to any comments of disregard and puzzling coldness towards this, which not only affects women, but men as well because misogyny does affect men. It allows boys to grow up into stunted, short-sighted, close-minded men; it allows boys to shuck off responsibility and drown in privilege — privilege that tricks them into believing they’ve somehow inherently earned power and authority because they were born with a penis, privilege that tricks them into believing they automatically and perpetually have consent to take whoever and whatever they want.

I’ll happily continue to reply because I have taken a personal interest, nay an investment in combating such rampant attacks against women because as a woman, I walk around in my life, in my profession feeling endangered simply because I was born with breasts and a vagina.

And this system, this practice of yours will hurt you as well and that makes me sad for you — mostly because I don’t think you’ll have any idea that you’ve been hurt…

You know the absolute most painful thing about this?

Not the hate, not the context, but the fact that you don’t even give a single fuck about how you’re acting. You’re acting like a spoiled, jealous little twat who has nothing better to do than sit behind a computer screen and play keyboard warrior, insulting someone that not only do you not know, but who has done absolutely nothing wrong.

And you think it’s fun.

Do you think Darren would be proud? Is that why you do this? I can’t figure it out. Regardless of whether or not they are dating or she is just, in fact, a cover up, do you honest-to-God think that Darren would condone this kind of disgusting, unwarranted behavior? Show me one example of when he’s said it’s okay to treat someone you dislike with this attitude.

Even if she is a publicity stunt, even if he is just taking her along to hide something, he would be absolutely appalled to see his fans treating another living, breathing human being with actual real, valid feelings with this amount of utter disrespectAnd for no real, appropriate reason either. No, your feelings towards her don’t matter. What matters is that he’s happy, and even if you’re not a fan of hers, you should be fucking grateful for that.

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I’ve never broken a bone which just seems too suspicious to me I probably don’t have any bones

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"nerd" and"loser" were like hard hitting insults in the early 2000’s and now they are used as affectionate terms we have truly come full circle

Sorry, but no, we did a 180. A full circle would mean we went back to them as insults


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Mark Ruffalo basically being classy as fuck.

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michaelausiello Anyone know who this attractive man is? #emmys2014

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Natalie Dormer at the 66th Annual Emmy Awards

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That is the best reaction ever.

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